If you're looking to work in the incense oil business contact us. We Whole sale and do all the work so you don't have to. If you have a store we can stock you with over 10,000 diffrent names of Scented incense, Scented Cones, oils, Essential body oils, Shad Butter, Sage, Candles, Incense Holders

Chew Sticks and MORE!

       We also sale Napal handbags, friendship bands, Dream Catchers   

 Pray's Playhouse been in bisuness for over five years and learned that alone it's a lot of work to get a business off the ground but together it's nother to build and spread out all over the world!

Looking to work on music, record or buy beats? Need people to shop your music or get it out to the MIXTAPE KINGS? Think you got what it takes to rock a stage? Need a A&R? Looking to do shows or need a party put together? HIT US UP. We have DJs, Beat Makers and Spots to record in. We have people you can talk to that will help you get your project to the next level. Videos, Boi. Publicist, Music Lawyer, Accountians. Bottom line need to shop your music music Let us know.


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